About F450C

The Facilities 450mm ConsortiumThe Facilities 450mm Consortium (F450C) is a first-of-its-kind partnership at SUNY Poly’s Albany site that is leading the global effort to design and build next-generation 450mm computer chip fabrication facilities. The collaboration includes many of the world’s leading nanoelectronics facility companies, including Air Liquide, Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems, CH2M, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS, Edwards, M+W Group, Ovivo, Peek Process Insights, Pfeiffer Vacuum and Swagelok. Members of F450C are working closely with the Global 450mm Consortium (G450C), as announced by New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, to identify viable solutions required for 450mm high-volume facility construction, with initial focus areas to include reducing tool installation cost and duration, and improving facility sustainability.

Image of the Facilities 450mm Consortium


The vision of the F450C is to lead the global effort to design and build the facilities to support the development of the next-generation 450mm computer chip. By working closely with members of the G450C, the consortium will align on facility standards and necessary infrastructure that drive the cost, duration, safety, sustainability and environmental footprint needed for the transition to 450mm technology.


The primary objective of the F450C is to enable nanoelectronic fabrication facilities to transition to 450mm in collaboration with the world’s leading semiconductor facility companies. The member companies and affiliates of the consortium will work with suppliers and other associations to develop standards in support of 450mm high-volume facility construction and infrastructure solutions.

Top facilities-project interest areas include:

  • Utility right-sizing
  • Standardize tool install procedures and minimize the number of points-of-connection
  • Improved AMC detection/response
  • Helium recovery and recycling
  • Green-mode systems usage