Peek Process Insights Provides Sensing Data for Real-world Conditions

Benjamin Peek

Chief Technology Officer

Beaverton, Oregon


Dean McKay, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Reno, Nevada

Member Company: Peek Process Insights Inc.

Year Founded: 2016

World Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon






Peek Process Insights Inc. (PPI) is a manufacturer of real-time sensor systems for monitoring, deep analytics, and reporting of the constituents and variances in effluent streams created during a semiconductor fabrication process. PPI’s mission is to improve the paradigm for yield management and emissions control. The company monitors effluent waste and other parameters in real time, and through historic data analysis, provide information to improve yield, while reducing throughput time, improving time to market and potentially increasing process tool uptime. Concurrently, through real-time control, reduce the cost of effluent processing and provide evidence-based regulatory reporting. PPI’s primary offering to the semiconductor manufacturing market is a state-of-the-art Effluent Monitoring System (EMS™).

PPI gathers and integrates data from a multitude of sensors to analyze, correlate and filter information into actionable information. As an active member of F450C, the company responds to requests from the consortium to install systems on process tools, providing the opportunity for the tool manufacturer to make decisions faster using actionable information empirically derived. PPI’s patent-pending products consist of an array of effluent monitoring sensors for liquid drains and gas exhaust flues on semiconductor manufacturing process tools. PPI works with its customers to determine what chemicals are in the effluent and at what expected concentration. Sensors are then deployed to capture effluent-related and other tool data over time. The first three initial prototype sensor suites were delivered to the Albany NFX fab in 2014 under the name EMS™. Gas EMS™ and Liquid EMS™ prototypes arrived in February 2014, with installation later that year.

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