Peek Process Insights Provides Sensing Data for Real-world Conditions

One of the biggest challenges for any new product development in the complex semiconductor industry is obtaining sensing data for real-world conditions to use for development. Additionally, getting real-world customer feedback during development can be very difficult. The F450C solves both of those problems. 

Peek Process Insights Inc., a spinout from a previous F450C member company, Haws, supports these efforts by gathering and integrating data from a multitude of sensors into a system to analyze, correlate and filter that information into actionable information. As an active member, the company responds to requests from the consortium to install systems on more machines, providing the opportunity for a company to make decisions faster with the information they provide.

Peek’s solutions will eventually allow equipment to be qualified for production faster and to operate within spec for longer periods of time. In addition, unfavorable equipment performance trends can be detected, equipment failure forecasted, and differences detected between what should be identical wafer processing environments. The data provided by Peek also contributes significantly to environmental issues, including waste management. 

The ownership evolution from Haws to Peek Process Insights Inc. gives the new company a chance to expand its technology scope through partnerships and larger investments to better support G450C.

The G450C research “sandbox” in Albany represents an excellent format for thinking “outside the box” to address the issues of the 450mm technology roadmap going forward. F450C member companies benefit from partnerships within the G450C. For example, Peek’s membership in the F450C allows it to extend its partnership with the NanoFab eXtension (NFX) fab in Albany, New York, significantly reducing development and operational costs while continuing to foster and grow relationships with G450C industry member companies such as Intel, GlobalFoundries, IBM, Samsung, TSMC and many other G450C and F450C member companies.

 Peek Process Insights plans to continue driving technical advances in gas and liquid effluent monitoring technology and other applications of sensor technology to fabs or facility support systems, and participate wherever it can add value. The company is actively engaged in supporting G450C projects and technology initiatives and is seeking technology partnerships with other member companies that leverage high-resolution sensor data collection and advanced data analytics. Ben Peek, founder and CTO, will be the key contact for NFX projects and technical deliverables. The company is located in Beaverton, Oregon.

Ben Peek’s Contact Information:

Cell: 503-880-4027



Author: Todd Fosler

Program Manager – F450C

Project Development Director – M+W Group

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